‘Here’s What Some of our clients have to Say…’

“We would like to thank you for getting us the best home loan on the market. Since we refinanced with you we have knocked our debt down by over $28,237 in one year! The best part is that we are paying less than what we were paying before we refinanced. So we now have lower repayments and we are going to be debt free quicker. Now I know why the banks never told me about these loans. WOW !” V. Da Silva
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“Since I consolidated all of my debt and changed my loan over with you, I have had extra cash flow each week which has allowed me to get my first investment property. I’m now looking to get my second investment property and start building my property portfolio, so I can afford to retire comfortably. I have also managed to reduce my home loan by $14,029 in 12 months, and thats with an investment property to pay for as well ! Thanks again for all of your help and guidance, I’m definitely going to recommend my friends and family to you.” C. Meighan
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“It is amazing how much difference the right home loan can make! I have been on this new loan structure for just over 10 months and I have already taken $12,354 off my debt. It’s refreshing to actually see my loan coming down every month, rather than it not moving at all because of all the interest that the banks charge these days. We have the best of both worlds, a lower repayment each month and we are reducing the loan faster.” G. Beros
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“We refinanced our home loan 6 months ago and since then we have taken $14,079 off the debt. I like the fact that my income is working for me on my loan and that my home loan repayments actually reduce every month. We are going to be debt free in half the time we were on track for with our old loan. I have been able to use the equity in my house to purchase a business, which is now bringing in extra income for me. The flexibility and freedom this has given me is great. Thanks.” T. Caporn
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“Crown were unbelievable! They were able to drop my mortgage repayments from $1256 down to $578 and cut my term by 7 ½ years. This has saved me at least $25,700 in interest (bank profit)! Give them a call, you’ll be amazed.” S.Russell, Heathridge WA

“Crown were able to save us from financial disaster. We had just started out on a 25 year P&I; loan with the bank and the debt wasn’t even moving, we were just treading water! Crown showed us how to improve our situation by changing the structure of our finances onto a more effective and efficient debt reduction strategy. That meant that our repayments are $800 less per month and our mortgage term was reduced by 5 ½ years. Instead of going backwards each month we are now moving forwards, and are looking at purchasing an investment property very soon. We found our consultant to be friendly, easy to speak with and always on time. We recommend Crown highly to all people who are looking at refinancing. Thanks for all of your help Crown.” J & J Williams, Clarkson WA

“I have just finished my 1st year on the mortgage reduction program and I’m proud to say I’ve taken $20,000 off of my debt and I’m paying LESS per month than what I was paying before. Thank you Crown for all of your support and assistance.” P. Beatty, Parkwood WA

“We have taken our home loan term from 12 ½ years down to 4 ½ years and we actually pay $514 LESS per month. All because we now have our money working for US, rather than working for the bank !” A & D Watson, Swanview WA

“Crown took my mortgage term from 20 years and 7 months down to 7 years and 2 months. My mortgage repayment has gone from $1080 per month down to $800. By paying LESS per month Crown has taken $80,748 in BANK PROFIT out of my loan and kept it in my pocket…which is where it should be !” A. Aitken, Hamersley WA

“We found we were trying to pay too many loans off, and we just weren’t getting anywhere ! When Crown were able to consolidate all of out debt for us, we noticed a HUGE difference. We now only have the one monthly repayment to the one place and it’s $400 less per month. We had over 20 years left to pay our mortgage, but now it’s been cut down to under 7 years !! It’s a win/win situation, we pay less per month and we’re out of debt in under ½ the time !” C & M. Morrsion, Gosnells WA

After getting Crown Investment & Financial Services to have a look at my financial situation, they were able to restructure it so that my exisiting monthly repayments went from $2,200 down to $1,405 ! I also cut my term in HALF ! P. White, Craigie WA